Blogging for Chiapas

Why We Oppose the Mayan Train

by Gilberto López y Rivas On April 19, a letter entitled “Why We Oppose the Mayan Train” was delivered to the President of Mexico, signed by more than 300 researchers from various disciplines, who describe themselves like this: “We are not pseudo-scientists, we are not conservatives, we are not adversaries. We are academics with field […]

One Hundred Years of Normal Schools

Whitewashing the past, de-radicalizing it, polishing the sharpest edges of its emancipatory episodes has been a recurrent obsession of our modernizing elites. But, despite the endless repression agains rural normal schools and their students, as Luis Hernández Navarro points out, they are not going away.

Water: An Ongoing Crisis

In Mexico, access to drinking water is a human right enshrined in the Constitution, but in fact it has all the appearance of a privilege from which millions of people are excluded.