Tren Maya

May No God Remember Your Name

by Yásnaya Elena A. Gil I’d like to start by making a concession: behind the implementation of the Mayan Train, one of the most promoted projects by the new Government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the best intentions lay the foundations for its execution. After centuries of abandonment in which the Mayan people have been dispossessed and pushed into a process of indolent impoverishment, the new government intends, at last, to implement an integral project that has as its main objective to create “social welfare for the population that inhabits the Mayan zone” and “to integrate territories of great natural …

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Fonatur Admits that the Mayan Train has no Environmental Assessment

The National Fund for Tourism Development (Fonatur) acknowledged that it has operated to prevent the four sections of the Tren Maya awarded to date from being subjected to an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), a requirement for any infrastructure work for 32 years. By Matthew Tourliere June 8th, 2020 In an “explanatory note” published today, Fonatur mentions that for the first three sections [of the train], it received an extension from the Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) to complete the EIS, under the argument that it is a “maintentance for rehabilitation and improvement of the existing railroad track.” …

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