Peña Nieto

Ayotzinapa, the Difficult Road to the Truth

Despite executive orders otherwise, stonewalling by the Secretary of Defense continues. Much to the pain and rage of families (and of the entire country) impunity reigns. The path to truth in the Ayotzinapa case seems interminable.


Gilberto López y Rivas studies the forms and modes of counterinsurgency in the terrritories of the EZLN and Mexican southeast, finding its roots in the predominantly U.S. strategies that have devastated populations across the globe for over 100 years.

Ayotzinapa, the Time Tunnel

Luis Hernandez Navarro raises some red flags, about the ease with which the military continues to evade the Ayotzinapa case, despite the fact that it “not only did nothing to prevent it and falsified what happened, but also murdered and disappeared some of the 43 youths.”

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