Extractive industry

Territories of Resistance and Healing

Women’s Movement in Defense of Mother Earth and Territory seeks a way to join efforts with other movements in the country and the world in defense of nature, the environment, peasants, indigenous peoples, and women who are the most affected by the violence of the capitalist system. The movement, driven by the strength and determination of indigenous and peasant women, has sought, since its inception, to transcend individual and local processes, heading towards the regional construction of the Movement to fight against all forms of violence against women and their families generated by the neo-liberal, patriarchal and neo-extractivist capitalist system — from the increase in poverty, migration and drug trafficking, to the dispossession of land by other groups, organized crime, or even sometimes by their own family members.

Chiapas: Residents Denounce the Reactivation of Mine in Chicomuselo Under Intimidation and Without Environmental Permit

In a previous article Raúl Zibechi examines the criminal underpinnings of gold mining in Peru.

In the southern Sierra of Chiapas, in the municipality of Chicomuselo, residents are living under same rampant violation of rights and intimidation as a Canadian mining company imposes its activities through any means necessary. The residents have had enough.

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