El Sur Resiste

Making the Path by Walking

In a complicated national and international scenario, the originary peoples organized in the CNI continue weaving, building horizons, insisting on the global and anti-capitalist character of the struggle. Accustomed to resisting, the people walk knowing that the path is made by walking.

Stop Mega-Projects Forum!

Stop Megaprojects Forum!

Learn how you can support the Struggle for Life and Stop the megaprojects of Death.

Speakers: Bettina Cruz Velazquez, consejala from the Isthmo, Sara Gómez, consejala from Candelaria, Campeche, and Mario Quintero, CNI member from the Isthmo.

The Rise and Continuity of Indigenous Struggles

Magdalena Gomez marks the anniversary of the signing of the Accords of San Andrés, commemorating the continuity of the indigenous struggles in their challenge to the idea of what is possible.

“…they take up the Zapatista thought of achieving the impossible, because too much has already been said about the possible.”

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