Acuerdos de San Andres

Indigenous peoples: Farewell to the so-called new relationship

At the time of the suspended dialogue between the federal government and the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) it was claimed that a new relationship would be built between the State and the indigenous peoples. The farewell ceremony began in September 1996, when EZLN declared the suspension of the dialogue due to a crisis in what was to be the second round table on democracy and justice. It has been 27 years since that event…

The Rise and Continuity of Indigenous Struggles

Magdalena Gomez marks the anniversary of the signing of the Accords of San Andrés, commemorating the continuity of the indigenous struggles in their challenge to the idea of what is possible.

“…they take up the Zapatista thought of achieving the impossible, because too much has already been said about the possible.”

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