Struggle of Students who Fell on October 2nd, 1968, Commemorated in Chiapas

Students from Chiapas commemorated the repression of October 2nd, 1968, in which hundreds of students were murdered. Photo Elio Henriquez.

San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas. Students from the Jacinto Canek Intercultural Indigenous Normal School marched in this city to commemorate the student massacre of 1968 and to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of the creation of their educational center.

“The government doesn’t like us going out to protest and demand our rights, that’s why it repressed the students in 1968,” said a student before starting the march at the south western entrance of the city.

He lamented that to date the government “has never done justice for the 1968 massacre, which the government ordered to repress the students because it did not want protests at the Olympics.”

He stated that this Monday they marched to commemorate the massacre and to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of the founding of the Jacinto Canek Normal School, as well as to demand that the educational authorities resolve their pending demands, such as the organization of the vehicles in which they are transported from San Cristóbal to Zinacantán, where its facilities are located.

“Academic activities have been suspended for more than a month due to the lack of vehicles and to date there has been no response from the authorities. Today we should be commemorating the anniversary of the creation of our school, but we are concerned about the lack of solution to demands”, said the student.

He stressed: “Yes, we are proud to celebrate the 23rd anniversary, but we are also denouncing the problems we are suffering.”

He stressed that “at the beginning of the Fourth Transformation it was said that the normal schools would be strengthened, but it is not true, because if that were the case there would already be mechanisms to resolve our needs.”

Dressed in their regional costumes, the students, men and women, walked to the center of the city, where they ended with a rally.

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