Tercios Compas

December 2023

Zapatista youth practicing a dance-theater-cumbiero for the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the beginning of the war against oblivion. Yes, we don’t understand how this is possible either, if they say that all the Zapatista youth went to the north and there are no more young people – or Zapatistas in general – Mystery, eh? The cumbiero theater? Well, Don Durito (DD for legal matters) said it well: “cumbia is the continuation of politics by other means.” Images courtesy of Tercios Compas, copyleft December 2023. Music: fragments of cumbias by Zapatista sonideros. Pista raza! One step forward, one step back. Hip. Turn. Now sideways. Turn. Repeat. Vooooy! Rust, hey, rust. A polka? Or a corrido tumbado? I mean, to help the anthropologists. Will you wear my hat and cowboy boots?! Shall I not tell them? Whatever…

Published by Enlace Zapatista.

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