The Resistance of the Maya-Tojolabal Language

Language gives us the possibility of observing the organizing principles that the speakers of languages perceive, organize their world (reality principle) while structuring their language. It is these linguistic-social forms that have been constructed in the Tojolabal communities that have formed relationships nosótricas (collective, or we relationships), as quoted by linguist Carlos Lenkersdorf. These relationships are formed from the word tik which means we, this being a distinctive of the Mayan language and of all the people. The linguist himself would quote that “the we predominates not only in speaking but also in life, in acting, in the way of being of the people.”

Bringing (some) Order to Systemic Chaos

Systemic chaos is so deep, and the monopolistic media that misinforms so naturalized, that it is difficult to get a clear picture of where we are, which is an inescapable step in trying to decipher where we are going. Even knowing that the attempt may fall short or go terribly wrong, here are some ideas about what we are going through.

More journalists killed in Latin America and Caribbean than Ukraine in 2022

Although no country in Latin America is officially at war, it is the most dangerous place in the world to exercise the profession of reporting with some thirty journalists murdered in 2022. Topping the list was Mexico with a record 13 deaths, two fewer than Ukraine. This article by Guardian Latin American correspondent, Tom Phillips, examines the current situation and dangers facing reporters and journalists.

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