Chiapas: “The civilian population has been taken hostage,” civil society organizations denounce. 

Since approximately 2021, the border of Chiapas with Guatemala has been plagued by an unacknowledged armed conflict based on the territorial dispute between organized crime structures for the control of goods, services, people, legal and illegal products, as well as the very lives of the local population. As the violence escalates, authorities and military personnel are, at best negligent, and in some cases, colluding with the crime groups in conflict.

Yesterday’s Paper

“In his popular song Periódico de ayer, Héctor Lavoe narrated the story of a love that had similarities with a newspaper article of the previous day: Sensational when it came out at dawn // By noon already established news // And in the afternoon forgotten matter. In addition to the speed of the news, there is the “presentism” into which we as societies have settled and the noise with which certain information is hidden. Unfortunately, violence in our country is not yesterday’s news, it is a present reality that requires us to discuss it as one of the great national problems and to look for real solutions.”

Cities of the Earth. Rebuilding the Institutions of the Common

Jaime Torres Guillén examines our relationships to the earth, cities, and each other in the context of the concept of the common. ‘’ And what is the common? The way of life without the right to ownership of the land, the soil, the territory, the terroir or the place where sociality is maintained between humans and those with non-human life.’’

Video: Las Señoras of Puente Madera

As corrupt state apparati move to criminalize defenders of indigenous territory and rights in Oaxaca, like David Hernández Salazar, we share this video produced by the media collective of the Caravan El Sur Resiste in April- May 2023. On the frontlines of the march of transnational capital (and criminal organizations) to expropriate land in the name of the TransIsthmic Corridor megabroject, these women tell the story of their struggle. David Hernández Salazar is also interviewed here.

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