Chiapas by Numbers 2

Schools for Chiapas


Subject: Social sciences

Ages: 14+

Lesson objectives: To give participants background information about the history and current status of Chiapas and indigenous people in Mexico.

Learning outcomes: Participants will be familiar with some key facts and figures about Chiapas and Mexico.

Procedure: Participants are presented with five statements about Chiapas which they discuss and decide if they are true of false. They are asked to simply guess the answers based on what they think, rather than use the internet if they have access. The facilitator then gets feedback, provides the correct answer, and provides more information on each topic (see Facilitator’s notes). They can then do a WebQuest to find out more about the topics covered if they have internet access.

Materials: Handout and/or slideshow.

Duration: 45 – 60 minutes.

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