4th National Assembly for Water and Life

March 23 and 24, 2024. La Magdalena Tlaltelulco, Tlaxcala



To the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, EZLN

To the Local Autonomous Governments, LAGs

To the Zapatista Autonomous Government Collectives, CGAZ

To the Assemblies of Zapatista Autonomous Government Collectives, ACGAZ

To the Sixth Commission of the EZLN

To the National Indigenous Congress, CNI

To the Indigenous Council of Government, CIG

To Ma. de Jesús Patricio Martínez, Spokesperson of the CNI-CIG

To the Peoples of the World who resist against the Capitalist and Patriarchal System

To the Indigenous Peoples, Tribes, Nations, Communities and Neighborhoods that were never conquered

To the organizations that defend collective rights, territory, water and therefore life.

To the community authorities that defend their autonomous organization.

To the Peoples who struggle and resist in the Anáhuac Basin.

To the National and International Sexta

To the Networks of Resistance and Rebellion

To the Insubmissive, Dignified and Rebellious Europe

To those who signed the Declaration for Life

To the free, independent, alternative media, or whatever they call themselves…

To all Sisters and Brothers

We, the undersigned of this Declaration in Defense of Water, Land and Life, gathered on March 23rd and 24th in the town of La Magdalena Tlaltelulco, Tlaxcala, site of the Fourth National Assembly for Water and Life, convened by the the National Indigenous Congress, the CNI-CIG and the towns and communities at the site where the first, second and third National Assembly for Water and Life were held. Today we report that this 4th Assembly was attended by 575 participants from 154 collectives, networks, organizations, native peoples and indigenous communities and individuals, as well as the presence of 37 media outlets. All of them came from the Mexican states of Tlaxcala, Puebla, State of Mexico, Mexico City, Michoacan, Morelos, Queretaro, Oaxaca, Hidalgo, Guerrero, Guanajuato, San Luis Potosi and Yucatan, as well as from 12 countries: Chile, United States, Colombia, Italy, Cuba, Spain, Basque Country, Brazil, Austria, Bolivia, Greece and Sweden, hence….

Faced with the capitalist war that imposes death and destruction against humanity, we gathered in six working groups to analyze, discuss and resolve how we will organize ourselves to destroy this capitalist and patriarchal system, addressing the following issues: 1. Militarization, organized crime and State-corporate violence against defenders of the territory; 2. The participation and resistance of women in the defense of water and life; 3. Autonomy and self-determination of the peoples in the face of governmental policies against the dispossession of water; 4. Forests and woodlands as a threatened way of life. 5. Land use planning, urbanization projects and tourism as mechanisms of dispossession and 6. In the face of the Capitalist War, let us build “THE COMMON.”

Having stated the above and in accordance with the 7 Zapatista Principles of by Governing  by Obeying that guide this Assembly, which assumes itself to be anti-capitalist, anti-patriarchal, anti-party, autonomous and self-managing, from La Magdalena Tlaltelulco, we make public the following:


First. For the peoples, communities, organizations, networks, collectives and individuals that we convene in this National Assembly for Water and Life, we declare that Water is a living entity, it is sacred, it runs through and nourishes every corner of our Mother Earth and our bodies, for it we fight with life itself. We assume the defense of the named bodies of water: Atoyac River Basin, Prieto, Metlapanapa, Tlalnepantla, San Javier, Ajajalpa, Santa Maria, Magdalena, Cuautla, Chapala, De los Remedios, Tula, Grande, Concagua, Chico and Choapa Rivers; Ameyal de San Lucas Nextetelco, Lamitzita and Actipan Springs; Lake Patzcuaro and Chapala; Lagoons of Santiago Mexquititlán, Acuitlapulco and Apizaquito, Presas del Ahogado and Las Pintas, Yucatán Peninsula Aquifer and Tetlama Groundwater, Culcar Glacier. In contrast, CONAGUA continues to hand over water to transnational companies and private initiatives, through “concessions” that are nothing more than a disguised form of water privatization. As a result, there are 157 overexploited aquifers in Mexico and we name some of the largest water hoarders: Danone extracts 15 billion liters of water per year, Coca Cola, 55 billion, Pepsico has 32 billion liters of water concessions, Danone 15, 400 million and Nestlé 9,700 million, not counting real estate, agribusiness, paper companies, automotive, mining, etc.

Second. We are living an increasingly bloody war against life and for the monopolization of water that has been intensified and institutionalized with the entry of the 4th transformation, that is, the problem is not new; “…. it lies in the regime of concessions that originated with the Law of National Waters in 1992, reforming Art 27 Constitutional, to encourage, promote and facilitate the privatization of communal and ejido lands, but also the privatization of water”, “The concessions are converted into property titles to commercialize them, that is, it becomes a commodity just like the land.”

Third. Since the creation of the National Guard under the command of the army, 246 barracks have been built and 100 more provided by the Ministry of Defense. It has controlled through militarization the 14 most important ports in the country with the objective of containing migrants and subsequently facilitating their recruitment by organized crime. It is also present in the construction, operation and administration of megaprojects such as the Mayan Train, the Interoceanic Corridor and the Santa Lucia International Airport, the Morelos Integral Project. Currently the National Guard, the Mexican Air Force, the Mexican Navy and the Mexican Army have a total of 529,846 military personnel, with a budget for 2024 of more than 400 billion pesos, with armaments purchased mainly by the United States, Italy, Spain, Germany and Israel. They have spent since 1972 to date at least 630 million dollars in armaments and military equipment purchased from Israel. We know that this repressive apparatus, which continues to strengthen, expand and recruit our young people in the universities and in all areas, has as its objective to direct attacks on the peoples and communities that throughout the national territory organize for the defense of water and life.  However, looking at how this war is intensifying in the Mexican Southeast, with the emergence of paramilitary groups, counterinsurgency and organized crime, so from this National Assembly for water and life, “we strongly pronounce ourselves against the Capitalist War directed against the Zapatista peoples and communities.”

Fourth. The Narco-State not only seeks to disarticulate and dispossess us of our conscience, water, land, territory, coal, lithium, food and other goods in order to control the totality of daily life. It produces economies of violence, as in the case of human trafficking in Tlaxcala that kidnaps, sells and sexually exploits thousands of women in 40 of the state’s 60 municipalities, with the complicity of the government and under the protection of the police and the army. The same happens with illegal logging and timber trafficking in the Matlalcuéyetl and the extraction of water from Lake Patzcuaro, Michoacán, where organized crime is protected by the government.

Fifth. Through its institutions, political parties, political operators, armed forces, health system, in collusion with companies, organized crime, the pimp system and the church, the State generates multiple strategies to exercise violence against our peoples and against all forms of life; they disappear us, imprison us, persecute us, murder us, sell us and exploit us, they use us and supplant the demands of women to simulate a feminism used as a political campaign of women who, servile to the government, repress us all. They try to disappear our languages, cultures, our rights as peoples and break the social fabric by pushing individualism, through the racist education system and institutions such as SEPI and INPI they try to tell us, under their capitalist criteria, if we are peoples or not.

Sixth. One of the spaces that have suffered the most damage are our forests. They represent life itself for the people, they are the ones that bring the cloud and the springs, they represent a home, a mother who cares, they represent spirituality, the movement of water, identity, the history of the native peoples, they allow the community to remain united. If a tree is taken from us, it no longer rains, if a leaf is taken from us, it no longer rains, and with the cutting down of trees everything becomes extinct, that is to say, life is extinguished.

The forest represents the beginning, but also the end of life, it represents the need to raise awareness and to know that this rapacious capitalist system exists, in collusion with the government, they have privatized and represent dispossession and we fight against them. They also represent spaces of dispute from which people who defend them have been criminalized. Spaces in which clandestine logging is carried out and that the bad authorities seek, tourist, hoard and sell our water.

Seventh. The Territorial Reorganization Plans (with their multiple names and forms of implementation, which not only seek to confuse us but to deceive us), are analyzed as a State Strategy for the control of the territory, and are always accompanied by the systematic violence that the state and capital develop and execute in the territories to dispossess, depopulate, redistribute and repopulate our communities with large companies, corporations, multinationals and institutions. They are a factory of arrest warrants, denunciations, imprisonment, criminalization and assassination against defenders of life and territory. These Territorial Reorganization Plans violate the free self-determination of the peoples and communities, seek to destroy and undermine the autonomy of our peoples and communities, and also threaten life and assassinate the land. That is why, in the face of the Capitalist War, we call to build “The Common”, understanding that to achieve it, collective work must be the fertile ground to achieve it and with it, to face together these processes of dispossession, that is, the storm. Therefore, we call to strengthen the autonomy, the community base, the experiences, to recognize our mistakes and successes that have led us to these 4 sessions of the National Assemblies for Water and Life, not to reproduce the logic or the hegemonic concepts that the system develops to destroy life on the planet.

Eighth. The laws and international conventions that in many cases are used against the exercise of self-determination include the consultations that, framed in ILO Convention 169, are used to legitimize the imposition of dispossession. At the national level, the National Water Law is used to reinforce the power of the government to control and administer water and not to respect the right of communities to manage this vital liquid. We understand that Autonomy is the only path to community emancipation and the liberation of water. Autonomy is based on ancestral community principles expressed in community logics, such as music, communication, work, food, justice, uses and customs, festivities (coexistence), organization, educational and self-management processes. Therefore, we assume that for the peoples, Autonomy is life, the State is death.

Ninth. As women, we relate to water at all times, it is present in our cultural and spiritual practices, we understand it as a living being, we do rituals to find it, we heal with it and we help other sisters with open wounds because their rivers no longer flow. We women assume multiple roles: we are women, we are indigenous, we are black, we are givers of life, caretakers of the home, of the land, of our children, of nature, we are peasants and defenders of water and life, our role is resistance and dignity. We have always been at the forefront of the struggles, never alone, but always at the forefront, we put our bodies for our autonomy, for water, land and life, along the way we have learned to defend our territories but also to heal ourselves, to recognize and question the patriarchal and sexist practices that we reproduce. As the women that we are, we assume the commitment to take anti-patriarchal education in our hands, to continue defending water and to strengthen our tools and strategies of struggle, to identify our enemies in the State and capital, not to individualize ourselves and to reject institutions. Likewise, the capitalist war, with its mechanisms of fragmentation, dispossession, destruction of our ways of living for its enrichment, has led to the weakening or loss of ways of doing things in common, but taking into account the Zapatista call to return to build “The Common” from non-property, as the women that we are, we meet to dialogue to know how we are working, to strengthen and recover our ways of life.

Tenth. In different geographies within Mexico and other countries, in Europe, the United States and Canada, we organize ourselves to collectively build decent housing (which is not only building houses, but also building community). We build community schools, we carry out eco-techniques (such as dry toilets, rainwater harvesting, home filters, among others). We collectively take care of our food and health, changing eating habits, growing local food in our spaces, consuming and caring for medicinal plants from the forest, training health promoters. Collective urban gardens have been generated in community spaces, for self-consumption and promotion of solidarity economy.

We defend our territory with our bodies and actions against the plundering of mining, logging, water extraction and contamination, preventing the entry of machinery of the dispossessors and recovering spaces of power and capital, turning them into places where “The Common” (culture, education, food, health, work) is built. We have examples, such as La Casa de los Pueblos y Comunidad; Altepelmecalli, in Bonafont, the community center El Amate in Juan C. Bonilla, and the community library Tlalmachtiloyan in San Gregorio Atlapulco.

Eleventh. For all the aforementioned reasons and gathering the rage and pain of all of us, the original peoples and indigenous communities belonging to the National Indigenous Congress-Indigenous Council of Government, as well as the organizations, networks, collectivities and individuals that participated in the Fourth National Assembly for Water and Life…


Total repudiation of the contempt and governmental indifference with which Andrés Manuel López Oberador and his Fourth Transformation treat the crimes against humanity committed by the Army and the Mexican State. It was not enough for him not to fulfill his campaign promise, when he said to the mothers and fathers of Ayotzinapa, “We are going to know what really happened, to know where the young people are and to punish those responsible,” and added “My commitment is not to fail the mothers, the fathers of the young people of Ayotzinapa, the people of Mexico. We will not betray the trust of our people.” On the eve of the 10th anniversary of the forced disappearance of the 43 Normalistas of Ayotzinapa, we demand Truth and Justice and their return alive. We demand that the mothers and fathers of Ayotzinapa, their lawyers and organizations that support them be urgently received to account for the non-fulfillment of their word. We also demand the opening of the more than 800 files kept by SEDENA. We demand the return of the GIEI and condemn the murder of our brother Yanqui Kothan Gómez Peralta, extrajudicially executed by a police officer protected by the state in order to escape.

The upcoming electoral process does not represent us, it is a war of the political class and the economic power to resolve who stays in government to manage this sales agency, called Mexico, for them we are nothing more than numbers and votes that guarantee the continuity of the foreman in turn, therefore, we call that in this electoral context we always maintain a critical eye and thought. We know that they are the same those who dispute the power, but for the peoples, any color and / or any party represents the same thing: militarization, violence, contempt, repression, dispossession, persecution, feminicide, criminalization, imprisonment, disappearance and murder. For all these reasons we say: vote or don’t vote, but get organized and declare that “Our prisoners, our disappeared, our dreams, our nightmares and our dead do not fit in their ballot boxes.”

We demand a halt to the genocide that the criminal State of Israel is directing against the Palestinian people. The objective is to disappear them completely, erase their history and their culture. Thousands of lives of children, women and men have already been executed and the attacks continue in spite of the numerous mobilizations around the world. We condemn the indifference, the oblivion and the extermination that the capitalist system imposes as destiny, for all the people of Palestine.

We demand justice for Samir Flores Soberanes, murdered by narco-state paramilitaries in 2019 for defending water and territory threatened and destroyed by the Morelos Integral Project.

We repudiate the land-use planning programs in Puebla, Mexico City and Tlaxcala, Querétaro and the rest of the country that are accompanied by militarization with which they intend to repress anyone who opposes them.

We demand an end to the threats and threats of repression against the Cholulteca people who are fighting for the definitive closure of the San Pedro Cholula landfill.

We demand the immediate and unconditional release of Saúl Rosales Meléndez. He has been detained for 1 year and 8 months and sentenced to 20 years in prison, an example of the criminalization of self-determination and autonomy of the peoples and their traditional representatives.

We reject the governmental initiatives used to confuse our peoples, such as the Water Comptrollers and the Indigenous Governorships imposed by the Mexican state, taking the INPI and CONAGUA as the executors of the dispossession of our mother earth, territory, water and life.

We condemn the acts of repression and violent intimidation, including the shooting of members of the Otomí community living in Mexico City on October 16, 2023.

We denounce the increase in repression and the installation of “security” cameras for military espionage and the presence of the National Guard in Atlapulco, Xochimilco, Santiago Mexquititlán, Amealco, Querétaro, Puebla, Tlaxcala, Mexico City and the rest of the country.

We denounce that the Felipe Ángeles airport is a military megaproject affecting the 12 Pueblos of Tecámac. The project includes the drilling of 41 water wells in an area classified as a national security zone. Likewise, 22 wells are being drilled in the federal zone of the Zumpango lagoon and 8 wells are being drilled inside the Felipe Ángeles International Airport and 9 more are being drilled between Zumpango and Tequixquiac.

We reject the intervention of the United States in our territories through the sale of arms, drugs and human trafficking.

We oppose the SEDENA’s recruitment of our youth and students for drug trafficking, as well as the infiltration of the military in universities to invite them to do their social service in military barracks, including careers in social and humanistic training. We oppose the educational system that normalizes militarization and eliminates community organization.

We denounce that in Santiago Mexquititlán there have been 3 attempts of execution, 3 attempts of forced disappearance, and at least 7 arbitrary detentions from 2019 to date. Also, we denounce the harassment that the CEA and other government agencies carry out to force the payment of our water.

We demand a halt to the logging of trees in Tlaxcala, using the bark beetle as a pretext to leave entire hills without forest, as well as cutting trees without reforesting, giving rise to the installation of real estate.

We repudiate the actions of the INPI to map native communities and promote indigenous representatives who endorse megaprojects linked to militarization.
We condemn the assassination of members of the UPVA 28 de Octubre organization. We demand an end to the threats against Simitrio and his community representatives.

We reject the recent inauguration of the military industry by AMLO, which produces weapons, uniforms and builds exclusive schools for the children of the military in Puebla, where they have also increased the number of Navy bases.

We reject the attempt to expropriate 83 hectares of land to impose the industrial corridor from the limits of Tlaxcala to Amozoc, Puebla.

We denounce the use of social programs such as Sembrando Vida, which sponsor and strengthen the purchase of weapons from paramilitaries, as occurs with ORCAO in the autonomous Zapatista municipalities, who operate under the auspices and complicity of the municipal, state and federal governments.

We repudiate the procurement of items of war such as armored vehicles and weapons purchased from Israel, used for the state crime in Ayotzinapa.

We denounce the illegal extraction of water in Lake Patzcuaro. Drug traffickers control the basin to sell the water to avocado growers, who are also charged with “derecho de piso”.

We denounce the automotive companies that extract water from Citlaltepec in Puebla and Tlaxcala. They seek to expropriate 88 hectares for exploitation by Coca-Cola and the automakers.

We denounce the logging of trees by loggers, who act in collusion with municipal presidents.

We denounce the contamination of the Atoyac River in Tlaxcala with heavy metals, which has caused deaths and illnesses such as cancer, kidney failure and congenital deformities.

We denounce the strong repression that occurred on June 13, 2023 in the community of Escolásticas, Querétaro, as well as the appropriation of the spring by the state.

In Querétaro, we denounce the presence of the strawberry agribusiness that extracts and overexploits the aquifers of the community of Garabato and the periphery of Mexquititlán.

We denounce the serious contamination of the Santiago River by agribusiness. Water is taken from farmers and returned to them dirty. Access to water has also been taken away by dams near Lake Chapala.

In Oaxaca, we repudiate the murder of the Atoyac River.

We denounce and warn of the trap of the agreements signed with the state, which intends to touristify, gentrify, and continue to plunder the springs of Maconí. In addition, there is the risk of plundering water from the Batán dam and the aqueduct.

We reject the Huexca thermoelectric plant in Morelos, which takes water from three states: Morelos, Tlaxcala and Puebla.

We denounce the piping, contamination, and appropriation of the rivers of the Anahuac basin.

We denounce the devastation of the Petlapa River in Eloxochitlán de Flores Magón by a company that extracts stone material. We demand the immediate and unconditional release of political prisoners Alfredo Bolaños Pacheco, Fernando Gavito, Marcelino Miramón and Francisco Durán.

We condemn the repression, riot squads and the running over of cyclists from the BUAP in the context of mobilizations seeking justice.

We denounce the threats to the territory and the Culcar glacier in the Andes of Chile from open-pit mining and monoculture export plantations of avocado and vineyards.

We denounce the drainage canalization of cities and towns in Apizaco, Tlaxcala. It has a severe impact on the Remedios and Tula rivers, as well as on the Mezquital Valley.

We repudiate the discourse of “clean energy” such as solar panels and wind farms, which plunder the natural assets of communities to install hotels and other companies that plunder and pollute water resources.

We reject the measures of agribusiness that try to control the storm with the application of anti-rain planes, directly affecting small farmers and life itself.

We reject the agribusiness measures that attempt to control the rainy season with the application of anti-rain planes, directly affecting small farmers and life itself.

We repudiate the Water Law promoted by Congresswoman Marcela González of Morena in Tlaxcala and the law that privatizes water and sewage services in Querétaro.

We reject the growing gentrification of cities and towns in response to the demand for water, since the resource is being plundered and exploited by mafias. We also denounce the expansion of highway projects and concessions on public roads that pass over our wetlands with privatizing eagerness.

We denounce the tequila, textile, and green industries, which despoil the water and territory of Tlaxcala, Guanajuato, Querétaro, Michoacán, and Jalisco.

We denounce the predatory tourism in Mexico City, Querétaro, and its expansion in the indigenous peoples with the program of “magical neighborhoods” (barrios mágicos).

In Tetlama, Cuentepec (Morelos) and the Sierra Norte de Puebla, the mining companies Frisco, Gorrión, Lupe, Esperanza Silver, Álamos Gold and Zacatecas Silver threaten territory, water and life.

We denounce government agencies such as SEMARNAT, CONAGUA, PROFEPA, CONAMP, CONABIO, CEAS, CEA, CONAFORT, CORENADR, SEDEMA, and SACMEX, as well as their laws and programs, including Sowing Life, which only sows weapons for paramilitary groups.

We denounce the illegal extraction and sale of water pipes in San Pablo del Monte Tlaxcala, in collusion with authorities at all levels of government.

We denounce the avocado companies, Biopapel, Kimberly Clark and Grupo Altozano, which contaminate Michoacán and Querétaro.

We denounce the unbridled urban growth and gentrification that the Real Estate Cartel operates with impunity in Mexico City, Querétaro and Tlaxcala, together with the real estate speculation directed in many cases by corrupt politicians. We repudiate the real estate company SIMATE, which in Querétaro seeks to appropriate the Cimatario hill. FRISA in the State of Mexico and Valquirico in Tlaxcala, which is building a real estate and tourist complex.

We denounce Coca Cola and Providencia, the Cuellar, Cisneros, Anaya, Ortiz, and Gonzalez-Zarur of Tlaxcala. We denounce the Torres Landa, Palacios, Kuri, Alcocer families, Guadalupe Murguía, Rosendo Anaya and René Mejía, water looters in Querétaro.

We denounce the Gorrión mining company (Almaden minerals) in Ixtacamaxtitlan, which contaminates the aquifers.

We denounce the use of anti-hail planes in the Libres Oriental watershed, Puebla and Querétaro.

We denounce illegal logging in Tlaxcala, Mexico City, Querétaro and Puebla.

We repudiate the invasions of settlements promoted by all political parties, which promise basic services in exchange for votes and political patronage.

We denounce the commercial centers that are growing throughout the country, linked to the dispossession of water and land grabbing, with supposed endorsement and environmental protection.

We reject the Revive the Santiago River project, which was started by Governor Enrique Alfaro in Jalisco.

We denounce the universities that use the knowledge of the communities and give voice to politicians and companies that dispossess. We repudiate the discourses generated by academia and the government that criminalize and make invisible those who defend and inhabit the territory, and that facilitate the loss of ancestral knowledge and wisdom.

We denounce the imposition on the Totonaca peoples of the planting of transgenic corn throughout the country and the use of explosives to kill rivers.

We denounce the sewage contamination of the town of San Gregorio Atlapulco and demand the reparation of the damages from a micro-watershed vision and to make effective the right to the sanitation of wastewater, as well as the correct functioning of the treatment plants.

For all of the above reasons and in view of the failure of the Mexican State to guarantee human rights, individual guarantees and our constitutional rights. In contrast, this system of death imposes a War of Extermination on the people of Mexico. From the 4th National Assembly for Water and Life we call to strengthen autonomy, self-determination, collectivity, to watch over our rights, to coordinate the care and defense of the territory, our Mother Earth, the water and therefore Life, we leave a question: 

How are we going to organize ourselves to destroy this capitalist system that imposes a regime of concessions? How are we going to organize ourselves so that water and land stop being a commodity and become a right of all, that is to say, a common good? 

For all these reasons, we invite you to join and participate in the following:


Carry out collective memory, document, rekindle knowledge. Strengthen the training work with children and youth during the assemblies from the approach of autonomous schools.

Conduct workshops for the construction of autonomy: 1) workshop on tools for access to public information; 2) workshop on cyber security and self-defense; and 3)workshop on observation of human rights violations in communities.

Carry out dissemination campaigns with stickers, flyers, radio and guided visits to communities that exercise autonomy.

Take into account legal aspects and trusted legal advisors to strengthen organizational processes.

To join the calls and mobilizations to support the struggles of the searching mothers, fathers and mothers of the 43 normalistas of Ayotzinapa. As well as continuing to demonstrate with direct actions against the war directed at the Zapatista communities and to be attentive to their initiatives.

Accompany and walk in the countryside and in the city, the struggles and resistance that sustain the native peoples and indigenous communities that are members of the National Indigenous Congress CNI-CIG. Be aware of the work agenda and attend the calls of the National Indigenous Congress.

To remember the struggle and demand justice for the disappeared comrades Antonio Días and Ricardo Lagunes.

To carry out campaigns of NO consumption of Coca-Cola, Bonafont-Danone products, as well as all soft drink, bottling and beer companies; to denounce and boycott companies that support the genocide in Palestine and are related to the disappearance of defenders: Merkot, an Israeli company that works with CONAGUA; Ternium, a mining company related to the disappearance of Antonio Días and Ricardo Lagunes:Cemex: providing construction material for the wall, illegal settlements and checkpoints in Palestinian territory.

Media campaign against the Land Management Plans, because it responds to a state policy and planning instruments for the control of the territory regardless of the ancestral settlements of our indigenous peoples and communities. This campaign should be strengthened by means of educational workshops and weaving of social fabric in three areas: 1) legal; 2) cartography and mapping; and 3) technical analysis of plans, programs and projects of territorial cartography; 4) recovery of the memory of the peoples. The documentation of this work should be exclusive to the National Assembly for Water and Life, that is, to the peoples.

Work on a common database, to locate the industries and companies that are facilitating dispossession and repression.

The Arts and Culture Commission proposes to make one or more songs with the theme of the defense of water and life, the invitation is open for artists to join in.

National and international dislocated mobilization, within the framework of the 105th anniversary of the assassination of General Emiliano Zapata. April 10 and in each community, region and/or federal entity according to their calendars and geographies. The slogan: Water, Land and Liberty

Media campaign against militarization, for the right to water, for the freedom of our political prisoners. From April 26th to September 26th in all possible spaces, markets, schools, and especially to strengthen the struggle and resistance of the mothers and fathers of Ayotzinapa, who are about to celebrate 10 years since the forced disappearance of the 43 normalista students of Ayotzinapa. 10 YEARS WITHOUT TRUTH AND WITHOUT JUSTICE, WE ALL KNOW IT WAS THE ARMY AND THE FOURTH TRANSFORMATION DENIES IT.

Day for the liberation of Saúl Rosales starting next July 14 and finally…

The Fifth National Assembly for Water and Life, by mandate of the Closing Plenary of the 4th National Assembly for Water and Life, will be held in the House of Indigenous Peoples and Communities “Samir Flores Soberanes,” with the Otomi Indigenous Community residing in Mexico City, on August 17 and 18, 2024.


Freedom for Saúl Rosales Meléndez, from San Pedro Tlalcuapan, Tlaxcala.

Freedom for José Díaz, Zapatista support base.

Freedom for Alfredo Bolaños, Fernando Gavito, Francisco Durán, Marcelino Miramón from the town of Eloxochitlán de Flores Magón, Oaxaca.

Freedom for David Hernández of Puente Madera, Oaxaca.

A Nosotrxs without a State

For the Integral Reconstitution of our Peoples

Stop the War against the Zapatista Peoples

Zapata Lives, the Struggle Continues

Samir Lives, the Struggle Continues

Until Dignity and Justice become customary

Political Prisoners, Freedom

Because They Took Them Alive, We Want Them Alive

No to the Mayan Train

No to the Morelos Integral Project

No to the Interoceanic Corridor

Long Live the EZLN

Long Live the CNI-CIG


Text originally published by Pozol Colectivo.
Translation by Schools for Chiapas.

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