CNDH Holds SEGOB, SRE and INM Responsible for Fire at Migration Center in Ciudad Juárez


The National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) blamed the Secretaries of Foreign Relations (SRE) and the Interior (SEGOB), as well as the National Institute of Migration (INM) for the human rights violations of 67 migrants who were trapped in the fire at the immigration detention center in Ciudad Juárez, on March 27th.

More than three months after the tragedy in which 40 people died, the CNDH determined that there were “serious violations of human rights, dignified treatment, life and personal integrity and security” of the inmates.

On the night of March 27th, a protest broke out inside the detention center to complain about the prison-like conditions; some people stacked mats and set them on fire, starting a fire. The videos from the security cameras show that the guards left the premises, leaving the detainees in the collective cell of the men’s area, at the mercy of the flames.

In recommendation 111VG/2023, the CNDH indicated that the INM did not guarantee a “dignified stay” to the migrants who were locked up, nor did it take actions to “safeguard life and integrity”; it demanded that Francisco Graduño Yáñez, the head of the INM, collaborate in the criminal investigations that seek to establish responsibilities in the death of the 40 deceased.

It also urged SEGOB to take measures so that a tragedy like the one in Ciudad Juárez is not repeated, including the supervision of detention centers.

The organization led by Rosario Piedra Ibarra also asked the Foreign Ministry to implement a new immigration policy that “guarantees security and full respect for human rights.” 

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