Workshops for Agro-Ecology Promoters

Zapatista woman harvesting

Mayan peoples have lived as sustainable small farmers for thousands of years.

Today the primary teachers and innovators in sustainable and organic farming throughout Zapatista territory are known a “Promoters of Ecological Agriculture” or Promoters of Agro-Ecology for short.  Although many of these extraordinary farmers have little formal education, the Promoters of Agro-Ecology are on the cutting edge of a massive popular movement of rural peasants away from agricultural chemicals and fertilizers toward innovative and traditional organic farming methods.  Of particular concern to Mayan people is protecting their “identity-crop” of corn from contaminations by genetically modified organisms – in a word, keeping their corn GMO-free. If you are interested in our efforts to fight GMO’s, find out more about Mother Seeds in Resistance.

Schools for Chiapas has been honored over the last 20 years to participate in the ongoing research and educational programs of Zapatista ecological agriculture.  From bees to trees and bugs to cows, this long-term education project includes in-depth workshops, research, experimentation, and classes all addressing the needs of autonomous Mayan communities in today’s Chiapas.  Often this education is focused on recouping, or re-discovering, ancient traditions which may be almost extinct, but are actually vital and efficient for small farming families today.  Only support from people of conscience around the world allows us to continue this vital, grass-roots program supporting education for Zapatista Ecological Agricultural Promoters.  Make a donation or send a colorful Gift of Change certificate to someone who loves organic agriculture and our Mother Earth.


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