Fruit trees and nurseries

tree seedlingAlthough Chiapas, Mexico is a tropical paradise where hundreds of varieties of fruit trees can be grown, the grinding poverty of most Mayan communities extends even to a lack of just such fruit trees.  Many Zapatista communities have no one who knows how to graft trees and no high-quality fruit trees.  However, this situation is rapidly changing.

Zapatista ecological agricultural education is on the forefront of teaching skills and obtaining organically produced trees.  Schools for Chiapas is helping by establishing tree nurseries and planting “Mother Trees” to provide high quality fruit tree stock to Mayan communities.  This long-term project has the potential to improve the health and economic well-being of tens of thousands of rural Mayan families throughout the southeastern Mexican state of Chiapas.

You can help by supporting the planting of fruit trees and the establishment of tree nurseries.

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