Zapatistas Respond to the Coronavirus – Schools for Chiapas pledges a Million Peso Donation. Please join us!

Donate now in support of the Zapatista Coronavirus response.

On March 16, 2020 the Zapatistas placed their movement on RED ALERT and wrote, “Considering the frivolity and irresponsibility and the lack of seriousness of the bad governments and of the political class in its entirety . . . in the face of this absence by the bad government. . . we exhort everyone everywhere, (men, women, and transgender people) in Mexico and the world, to take the science-based sanitary measures necessary to allow us to move forward and get through this pandemic alive.”

They forcefully criticized official responses and outlined their decisions regarding the Coronavirus pandemic.

Schools for Chiapas applauds the insightful analysis and rapid decisions made by the Zapatista movement to control the Coronavirus. In order to help in the fight against the pandemic, Schools for Chiapas pledges to donate one million pesos directly to the Zapatista health System.

Read the full Zapatista statement here:

Support the Zapatista health system at this critical moment.

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