Video: Armed Group Emerges in Chiapas and Announces it Will Defend the People from Jalisco New Generation Cartel

This group calls itself the “Indigenous Council” and claims that they will defend the communities from extortion and kidnappings.

The Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) has sown such terror in Mexico that an armed group has emerged in Chiapas to combat the hired killers and defend communities from the crushing pace of the criminal organization. This was made known through a video presentation which was disseminated on social networks.

The video shows around thirty men, heavily armed and with their faces covered. The group is on a hill, in broad daylight and in defensive positions, some standing pointing their weapons to the sky, others squatting and pointing them to the ground.

The recording lasts about a minute and a half, which begins with one of the men saying that on January 22, 2023, authorities, communities and indigenous representatives met to announce the group called “Consejo Indígena” (Indigenous Council). He explains that the reason for its creation is to defend the communities from extortion and kidnapping.

It proceeds to say that these crimes are committed by people belonging to the CJNG, who are under the command of Juan Valdovinos, alias “The Lord of the Horses”, or Vladimir Orantes. They made it clear that whoever mentions these names will be subjected to justice in accordance with their customs and traditions.

“Let it be clear that we, the indigenous brothers, will not allow these rats to enter,” the man said.

Then they addressed “their brothers from Chicomuselo,” who are suffering from the presence of the criminal group El Maíz, which in recent days assaulted a National Guard barracks and broadcast the event on video. They assured that they will not leave them alone.

This criminal group is also accused of being responsible for extortion and disappearances of several indigenous people, including community leaders. For this reason, they made public that their fight is against this criminal organization.

Although in Chiapas social decomposition and increasing levels of violence have led to the emergence of several armed groups to defend the population, this is the first time that one has openly declared war on two criminal groups.

This piece was posted in Spanish in La Opinion on January 24th, 2023. English translation by Schools for Chiapas.

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