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Documents a university student adventure in Chiapas, mexico
Documents a university student adventure in Chiapas, mexico

Schools for Chiapas organizes unique travel programs for individual travelers and institutional travel groups featuring personalized planning and flawless logistics.

Schools for Chiapas especially enjoys hosting university professors, students, and alumni wishing to travel to Chiapas, Mexico. Take a look at our upcoming trips, several of which are tailored especially to university groups. We organize school building and mural painting projects in Zapatista communities, seminars based out of beautiful colonial towns, cultural immersion programs in indigenous Mayan villages, and delegations to explore the ruins of incredible ancient cities. After 20 years of work with colleges and universities, Schools for Chiapas is confident we can meet your needs.

Click here to receive a free DVD featuring one student groups’ adventure in Chiapas, Mexico.

Acclaim for Schools for Chiapas student delegations:

“Above and beyond all expectations. Well organized and flexible. The Periclean Scholars at Elon University have twice “adopted” Schools for Chiapas as their host in Chiapas. The trip provides students with an authentic experience and extraordinary exposure to a very different culture with a very different and compelling world view. From a faculty person’s perspective, providing students an experience that has the capacity to transform not only their perspective but the world is unprecedented.”
– Tom Arcaro, Professor of Sociology and Director, Project Pericles Elon University

“I have known and worked with Schools for Chiapas since 2000. I have seen their dedication as well as the respect they are given in Mayan indigenous communities throughout Chiapas. I highly recommend Schools for Chiapas delegations as an opportunity for an extraordinary learning experience led by people with deep roots in the communities.”
– Dr. Faviana Hirsch-Dubin, Department of Chicano Studies and Researcher in Education, University of California, Santa Barbara

“For the third time, I am organizing students for a spring trip with Schools for Chiapas.  The group leaders are extremely knowledgeable and have an in-depth understanding of history, culture and unfolding of the Zapatista movement.  The trips were well organized with an itinerary tailor-made to meet the needs of my group.  Students come away inspired and enriched with experiences that stay for a life time.”
– Peggy James, Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Parkside

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