Raúl Zibechi on the importance of the El Sur Resiste Caravan

Raúl Zibechi reflects on the Caravan “El Sur Resiste”
“There is a profound interaction between resistances and other worlds. The construction of realities different from the hegemonic ones feeds resistance, because in these spaces people find oxygen and at the same time project the type of society in which they wish to live. The interesting thing is that this dual dynamic of resistance and construction of the new has become the common sense of the people.”

The Decomposition of Democracy

There’s a consensus on the desirability of democracy and the rejection of dictatorship. But this consensus obscures opposing ideas about what we understand by democracy and where we place the emphasis: from those who prioritize the electoral system and suffrage, to those who understand democracy as a genuine egalitarian distribution of power (Immanuel Wallerstein).

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