The Lacandón Commune, at 19 years

The story told by the image is far from anecdotal. That past is still present. It is etched in the skin and memories of those who suffered it, but also in their children and grandchildren.
With its memory fixed on the hell of what life was like on the plantations, the Lacandon Commune has brought up several generations of indigenous rebels.

A Hug from Distant Geographies

Peter Brown and Susan Beattie, we (and so many others) thank you for your labors of love. We carry on guided by the 7 Zapatista principles, and the example of dedication to education you leave in your stead. We wish you both wonder (and some relaxation) in your adventures to come.


We call on all honest people, groups, collectives, organizations and movements in Mexico and the world to join in the activities to demand a stop to the wars, beginning on Sunday the 13th, according to their own times and ways – and preserving their independence and autonomy.

Mandar Obedeciendo: La Ruptura del Cerco | Governing by Obeying: The Breaking of the Siege

Gilberto López y Rivas explores autonomy and the meaning of self-government according to the Zapatistas. Cada tanto surgen hombres y mujeres que piensan por los demás; que se rebelan para exigir tierra y libertad. (Apuntes del curso La Libertad según l@s Zapatistas) Every so often there are men and women who rise up to think for others; who rebel to demand land and freedom. (Notes from the course Freedom According to the The Zapatistas)

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