Biden, Trump, the Migration Crisis, Xenophobia and Border Security

In election year, US politicians seem oblivious to the misery and suffering that causes people to migrate and the knock-on effects that this has in Mexico, preferring instead to use the migration catastrophe as a ball in their electoral game to win votes. ‘’Obviously the debate is not about how to solve the problem, but how to use it in the electoral theater. The immigrants and their experiences are only secondary parts of the cast in this play.’’

The Close Relationship between Drug-related Violence and Why People Migrate to The United States

”Policies and practices related to gun acquisition and ownership in the United States directly contribute to the violence and insecurity that forces many people to flee their homes in search of safety. This flow of illegal weapons into Latin America results in an escalation of violence and insecurity, forcing people to make the heartbreaking decision to undertake a dangerous journey north in search of refuge. This forced migration is, in part, a consequence of US gun policies.”

”Proposals against Immigrants” in Texas Will Increase HR Violations: HRW

Human Rights Watch raises its concerns about new proposed migration controls in Texas, which could see persons who aid migrants facing mandatory sentences of ten years imprisonment. “In reality, most of our clients do not hide people, but are arrested for driving undocumented people in their vehicles in the border area…Subjecting people charged with a non-violent driving offense to a mandatory minimum sentence of ten years in prison is so disproportionate and lacking any sense of justice or fairness.”

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