A World Without A Hegemonic Power

Raul Zibechi points out that in this moment, those of us below must not distract ourselves with the circus above but rather, take root in the cracks of the crumbling hegemony and set our sights on autonomy.

Food Dependency in Times of War

The turbulence in the agricultural markets, provoked by Russia’s war in Ukraine has already led to a sharp increase in prices of cereals and oilseed that impacts all countries, but in the case of those like Mexico, who are heavily dependent on imports, it can jeopardize their capacity to feed their populations.


We call on all honest people, groups, collectives, organizations and movements in Mexico and the world to join in the activities to demand a stop to the wars, beginning on Sunday the 13th, according to their own times and ways – and preserving their independence and autonomy.

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