U.S. Imperialism

What the Rapist and the Serial Killer Don’t Feel

Crimes like Gaza and Ayotzinapa, and their perpetrators, Zibechi warns, are the products of a capitalist pathology that destroys community. Our job in the resistance is to defend our relations and common spaces for the creation of something altogether different.

Half a Century after the Coup in Chile

The coup d’état of September 11, 1973 against the government of Salvador Allende marked a profound turning point in recent history. The nation-states were totally remodeled by the ruling classes, neoliberalism was instituted, putting an end to the industrial process of import substitution, and the movements from below could no longer operate in the same way. Changes that need to be evaluated.

The Military Bases of U.S. imperialism

“For those who consider the terms imperialism and colonialism to be outmoded, demodé, and prefer to use euphemisms such as neoliberal globalization or new world order….” we recommend you take a look at this resource shared by Gilberto López y Rivas. Tell your friends.

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