U.S. Imperialism

The Military Bases of U.S. imperialism

“For those who consider the terms imperialism and colonialism to be outmoded, demodé, and prefer to use euphemisms such as neoliberal globalization or new world order….” we recommend you take a look at this resource shared by Gilberto López y Rivas. Tell your friends.

Extractivism Rhymes with Militarism

“Some very recent events on our continent represent a twist in the militarization of common goods, either legally or de facto, at the hands of governments and their armed forces, or “irregular” armed actors who roam freely when states allow them.” Raúl Zibechi examines trends in Latin American militarization, and their common goal.

Imperialism, Migration and the International Working Class

“We are here because you were there, read a banner in a demonstration of migrants in 2003, in Spain. The slogan sums up well the historical nature and the relationship between colonialism, imperialism, and the recent phenomena of mass migration.” Raúl Romero sheds light on the borders of bloodshed and the crisis of the international working class.

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