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Sowing Life? Threats to mountain peasant Life

By Silvia Ribeiro Like in many other progressive governments (yes, like that without quotations, because precisely a central problem is the industrial-capitalist concept of progress) the government of  Lopez Obrador in México has focused primarily on favoring industrial development, including industrial agriculture, and infrastructure projects that favor exports, like the Mayan Train and the Trans-isthmic […]

“Sowing Life” serves dispossession just like the Mayan Train and the Trans-Isthmus Corridor, research indicates.

“Trifecta designed for the dispossession and subjugation of territory”: CECCAM By the editorial office at La Coperacha The program Sembrando Vida or “Sowing Life,” together with the TransIsthmus Corredor and the Mayan Train, “can be considered a trifecta designed for the plunder and subjugation of territory”, an investigation about the impacts of said programs and […]