State Violence

Chiapas: necropower and paramilitarism

Chiapas 94 Campaign Plan. This plan had as its strategic-operational objective “to destroy the EZLN’s will to fight, isolating it from the civilian population and achieving the support of the latter, for the benefit of the Army’s operations”. The tactical objectives of Plan Chiapas 94 included “to destroy and/or disorganize the political and military structure of the EZLN”. For this purpose, together with intelligence, psychological, population control and logistical operations, it instructed to organize, train, advise and support “self-defense forces or other paramilitary organizations” (sic). And it added: “In case there are no self-defense forces, it is necessary to create them”. It was ordered to “secretly organize certain sectors of the civil population – among others, cattle ranchers, small landowners and individuals characterized with a high sense of patriotism – who will be employed on orders in support of our operations”.

Manuel Gómez Vázquez, Prisoner for His Struggle

Many say it is madness to resist the system, but in reality, it is madness not to resist it, wrote Mumia Abu-Jamal, the black panther who has been a political prisoner for 41 years and recognizes the contributions of the Zapatista struggle. Manuel Gómez Vázquez is one of those who resist the system, and his resistance is the reason he is in jail.

Manuel, the Zapatista imprisoned for struggling, that is, for being a Zapatista, should be released immediately.

Chiapas, the State with the Highest Rate of Aggression Against Journalists

“In Mexican territory, the violence of the State, which includes the presence of organized crime in collusion with governments at different levels, has caused zones of silence where there are no conditions in which to carry out our work. Journalists have been murdered, disappeared, threatened and forced to move out of their entities, said journalists in a protest against aggressions and deaths.”

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