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Chiapas, the State with the Highest Rate of Aggression Against Journalists

“In Mexican territory, the violence of the State, which includes the presence of organized crime in collusion with governments at different levels, has caused zones of silence where there are no conditions in which to carry out our work. Journalists have been murdered, disappeared, threatened and forced to move out of their entities, said journalists in a protest against aggressions and deaths.”

The Wanderings of Orcao

by Raúl Romero For more than 20 years, the Regional Organization of Coffee Growers of Ocosingo (Orcao) has constantly attacked the EZLN  bases of support communities. In the past three years, the attacks have intensified. The aggressions have been varied: insults, amenazas, beatings, kidnappings, theft, shootings, fires, torture, dispossession of lands, forced displacement… The denunciations […]

Consultation, the Past That Is Present

The geography of Mexican horror reached its peak at the end of the 20th century. Atrocity became an everyday form of government. Terror established a new nomenclature. It was called Acteal and the North of Chiapas, Aguas Blancas, El Charco, and Los Loxichas.