State complicity

Transnational Criminal Corporations

“That is why it is of no use when the drug kingpin is arrested or the politician in collusion with organized crime is tried.”

Raúl Romero glances the super structure of organized transnational crime and its influence on the global order. As Mexico roll into another election year (as do we) understanding these operations is a important part of seeing the threats they pose and building solutions.

Organized Crime Takes Control of Mining Territory in Chiapas

In the last week of May, the deadly Sinaloa and CJNG Cartels ravaged the southern border of Chiapas in a dispute over territory. Residents were forcibly conscripted and threatened with their lives for four days before any State authorities intervened. While many factors are at play, this article fills in a few details of the history and allure of the region for these criminal players.

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