Talks at Sendas

As part of our outreach program and in collaboration with Sendas, Schools for Chiapas coordinates talks twice a week here in san Cristóbal The talks cover a wide range of topics and encourage active participation from the attendees. Here is a account from one of the participants, Isalia from the US.

Pathways of Solidarity at Sendas

Sendas Chiapas and Acción Palestina Chiapas hosted a night of hip hop in solidarity with Palestine on Wednesday, February 7th. There was a screening of ”Slingshot Hip Hop” from the Occupied Territories, and music and dance was provided by local collectives El Semillero 259 and Psicolexia Oficial.

BriCO Volunteering in Acteal

An account from one of our BriCO volunteers of their experiences in Acteal in December, during the 26th anniversary of the massacre there.
To find out more about volunteering, please visit our website at

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