More than 280,000 inhabitants of the border area of Chiapas trapped between drug cartels

As part of their strategy, the drug cartels have intensified the forced recruitment of the population. According to testimonies from family members, people are being forced to demonstrate on the highways, to lead marches in support of one group or another, or to serve as hired assassins. They are forced to participate as human shields and soldiers in the war between Mexican cartels for control of the country’s southern border. They have been unable to leave the area for two weeks. On Saturday, September 23, a line of men and women were forced to stand in two lines on the …

More than 280,000 inhabitants of the border area of Chiapas trapped between drug cartels READ MORE »

Outbreak of violence in southern border of Chiapas exposes population to shortages and insecurity

Battles between cartels and their splinter groups hold thousands hostage as roadblocks prevent the movement of food, fuel and basic goods. Schools are closed. According to state and national organizations, “the Sierra Madre region and the southern border between Chiapas and Guatemala is on fire. The negligence of the authorities increases the risk for the population in the face of constant armed confrontations, disappearances, forced recruitment and displacements…”

Malverde in Chamula

In the back seat of a luxury van, an African lion looks out the right window at the streets of San Juan Chamula. The driver of the vehicle listens to El Comando Suicida del Mayo, and shows the list of narcocorridos waiting to be played. The scene, which seems to be taken from a TV drama, is real. It is part of the emerging culture in this Tsotsil municipality, along with indigenous homemade pornography and the songs of Los Cárteles de San Juan…

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