recuperated land

Update: Nuevo San Gregorio Urgent Action:

Acts of violence against the Zapatista community of Nuevo San Gregorio continue.
We ask national and international solidarity to express their condemnation of the Mexican State’s negligence and the increase of violence in community of Nuevo San Gregorio today!

On Risings and Awakenings in Chiapas, Mexico

Blogging for Chiapas gives voice to participants and supporters of Schools for Chiapas working to describe for you the smells and sights and sounds and feels of Zapatista education. Here we share the sounds of Zapatista schools where education promoters reject the name of “teacher” and students teach as they grow strong. We will continue sing unexpected songs from schooling on rocky, hand cultivated corn fields and we will try to capture the feel of scientific studies carried out in tiny rural health clinics.

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