Raul Zibechi

Spirituality and Autonomy

Considering spirituality as a support for autonomy implies overcoming narrow materialism in order to adopt a broader perspective. In Western thought the key to community is collective land, understood as a means of production and not a comprehensive life space. From what I could sense, and from what is established where the peoples resist (once again I remember the four families in Nuevo San Gregorio), spirituality is a central aspect that complements and sustains the collective possession of land.

Zibechi at Sendas, Chiapas – New Pathways, New Hopes, New Challenges

September 11th, a notorious date in a number of calendars and geographies, saw Raul Zibechi presenting his latest book “Mundos otros y pueblos en movimiento” at Sendas (Pathways/paths) in San Cristobal de Las Casas. The event marked the coming together of well-trodden paths in this joint venture between Schools for Chiapas and Imaginarte, and this time with La Cosecha. Other paths and collectives also converged leading to a lively and interesting debate, and rays of hope that shed some light on the dark times that we traverse. 

The Decline of the Plurinational Current

by Raúl Zibechi

The proposal of plurinationality, which promotes the construction of a plurinational state, had broad support to overcome the asymmetries between the nation-state and the indigenous nations and peoples. However, this current is in stark decline, while the other current that runs through the peoples in movement, the autonomist current, continues its slow but steady growth.

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