Puente Madera

There Will Be No Landscape After The Transformation

Puente Madera, Oaxaca has become a target of intimidation, criminalization, and dispossession by the State as the 4T pushes the Interoceanic Corridor and its Development Poles. But they can’t hold the line for the whole region.

They call upon the peoples of the region to meet the challenge together, warning that if there is no unity in the resistance, there will be no landscape after the transformation.

Video: Las Señoras of Puente Madera

As corrupt state apparati move to criminalize defenders of indigenous territory and rights in Oaxaca, like David Hernández Salazar, we share this video produced by the media collective of the Caravan El Sur Resiste in April- May 2023. On the frontlines of the march of transnational capital (and criminal organizations) to expropriate land in the name of the TransIsthmic Corridor megabroject, these women tell the story of their struggle. David Hernández Salazar is also interviewed here.

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