Municipal Councils in Chiapas: Between Pacification of Municipalities and Intervention in Autonomous Processes

Almost three decades later, the municipalities are today once again in the throes of violence, but now with the aggravating factor of the presence of organized crime as new actors. For two decades now, criminal violence has entered the state and progressively taken over the municipalities. Its presence as a political actor in the territories has complicated the performance of electoral processes and public administration, but also undermines the autonomy of indigenous peoples, day by day penetrating deeper.

Unrest Continues in Oxchuc

Followers of the Self-Proclaimed Mayor of Oxchuc Attack Opponents by Elio Henríquez San Cristóbal De La Casas, Chiapas – Followers of the self-proclaimed mayor of Oxchuc, Hugo Gómez Sántiz, fired shots outside a school in the urban zone, at the end of a community assembly yesterday afternoon in which some 200 people participated. There were no injuries, but some people leaving the school were beaten,  the president of the Community Front for the Defense of the Self-Determination of the People, Óscar Gómez López reported. Meanwhile, unofficial sources indicated that both groups exchanged bullets and at least four houses were set …

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Armed Group Breaks in on the Election of Authorities in Oxchuc

The election of municipal authorities of Oxchuc, an indigenous town in the Highlands of Chiapas, was breached when an armed group broke into the central plaza, leaving one dead, Pedro Santíz López, and several injured. Residents identify the attackers as members of the organization “Sentiments of the Nation.”

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