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CNI Call for Global Action against Militarization and War

Against a backdrop of wars across the globe, increased militarization of Mexico and Chiapas, insecurity and a growing number of attacks on indigenous communities in resistance and activists, the National Indigenous calls for global action on October 12th against militarization and patriarchal war.

Chenalhó, Chiapas, the Struggle for Land by Way of Weapons

In the Altos of Chiapas, a crisis continues to unfold – an ongoing saga of a dispute between the municipalities of Aldama and Chenalhó. The deepening of paramilitary influence and power in the region, and particularly, in Santa Marta, Chenalhó, has ravaged the communities of Aldama continuously for over 3 years, aggressions which have left thousands displaced, and several dead or wounded. In the past week, these forces have now turned on families on their home turf of Chenalhó, burning homes and killing several. As the families flee the violence, the conditions of vulnerability remind many of the conditions that …

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Chiapas and the Zapatistas Face a Dramatic Increase in Violence

When discussing the increased violence in Chiapas, it’s helpful to remember that there is a neoliberal effort underway to bring indigenous peoples in southeast Mexico into the capitalist marketplace. The vehicle for bringing this about is a massive infrastructure development plan, originally named the Plan Puebla-Panama and then re-named the Mesoamerica Project.

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