November 25th

In the Face of Increasing Gender Violence in Chiapas, Women and Girls March on the Occasion of November 25th

Estefanía Martínez Matías was 22 years old, studying nursing and working in a clothing store in Tuxtla Gutiérrez to pay for her studies. Her lifeless body was found last November 5 on the side of a highway in the south of the capital of Chiapas, after a mobilization convened by her family and friends in front of the government palace. Six days earlier, the young woman had left her house to go to a party from which she didn’t  return.

The Roundabout Remains

They are murdering us for the simple fact of having feminized bodies, but in the face of this we have left behind our fear, and we are not going to stop going out into the streets, we are not going to stop naming them, we are not going to stop going out carrying the memory, because what we have is life. We have the life that was taken away from them, at the moment that we are determined to go out and name them. Because memory, when it is collective, is only then memory.

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