A Portrait of Resistance, Determination and Love: a Zapatista health promoter

This portrait is one among many of courage, creativity and love that persevere in the autonomous Zapatista territories today. In the face of mounting paramilitary violence, militarization, violence against women and ecological devastation at the hands of megaprojects and global climate change, her resistance is in the name of life and dignity on the planet, of improving the quality of life for her children and/or those in her community, of seeing the perpetuity of clean water, air, and soils which will nurture diversity for generations to come.
We invite you to accompany us in this journey of daily resistance, struggle and determination…

Criminalization of HR Defenders Continues

Despite election promises to the contrary, militarization under Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s 4T government continues. The most recent example of this was the handover of control of the National Guard to SEDENA. This process of militarization assumes more sinister tones with recent revelations from the “Guacamaya Leaks” that the military continue to monitor defenders and journalists, and in the state of Guerrero, social defenders, including the attorney for the relatives of the 43 disappeared student teachers in the Ayotzinapa case, are being targeted for criminalization. We share the statement of collectives and individuals in response to this latest attack.

The 4T Against the Grain

“At a glance, the 4T looks more and more like a regime not of transformation, but of continuity with respect to the previous ones. It is not enough to repeat the refrain that “we are not the same” to hide a reality in which what stands out is a dynamic of militarization, concentration of power, attack on autonomous bodies, the press and rights defenders; the persistence of violence, the continuity of espionage and, as we have recently seen, the recurrence of practices of co-optation of the partisan opposition in the Congress.”

Human Rights and Militarization

This social peril has worsened in Mexico during the last six presidential terms, with failed security policies and policies to combat organized crime, which have failed to guarantee the rights to life and social peace. On the contrary, they have exacerbated violence in the country. This has been the result of militaristic logic implemented by the government through the increased use of the armed forces, which puts human rights at risk.

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