“The Dispossession Has Just Begun and Will Last for a Long Time” -Raúl Zibechi

Raúl Zibechi warns that the wars of dispossession against the peoples have only just begun. How do we face the storm?

What “we see today is that an enormous storm is coming, that it is already underway, an infernal earthquake upon us. We cannot build material barriers against it (…) we can unite and give our arms and give ourselves to life and to mother earth, with the hope that she will show us the way.”

The Military Bases of U.S. imperialism

“For those who consider the terms imperialism and colonialism to be outmoded, demodé, and prefer to use euphemisms such as neoliberal globalization or new world order….” we recommend you take a look at this resource shared by Gilberto López y Rivas. Tell your friends.

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