CNDH Holds SEGOB, SRE and INM Responsible for Fire at Migration Center in Ciudad Juárez

More than three months after the tragedy in which 40 people died, the CNDH determined that there were “serious violations of human rights, of dignified treatment, life and personal integrity and security” of the inmates. Furthermore, it indicated that the responsibility lies with three government bodies. Once again, it was the state.

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The Impotence of States

Apologists for the State apparatus often point to its achievements while downplaying the collateral damages of dispossession and violence. Raúl Zibechi gives a few examples to make the point that States (in the service of Capital) are incapable of wielding solutions or justice in the face of the crises of our times.

What is happening at the U.S.-Mexico border?

As the U.S. ends the Title 42 provision rejecting asylum seekers due to the COVID public health emergency, this article describes the current status at the U.S. Mexico Border.

As the policy comes to a close, the UNHCR and IOM express concern about new restrictions affecting access to asylum for refugees and migrants in the Americas under the Biden administration.

Notes to Understand the Haitian Diaspora in Mexico

One of the groups of migrants with a very notable presence in Chiapas in recent years is that of Haitians. This article by Luis Alfredo Arriola Vega examines the causes of the upsurge in displaced Haitians in the last 15 years.
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