206 Migrants Found Abandoned in Trailer and Forced to Ingest Substances

While abandoned trailers were carrying about 100 passengers in the past, with the worsening crisis it would appear that the traffickers have now doubled the numbers, packing in over 200 migrants in inhuman conditions.
As part of our ongoing collaboration with Frayba, Schools for Chiapas is currently recruiting voluntary workers to work at a migrant center here in Chiapas. If you are interested in showing your solidarity, please visit our webpage at https://schoolsforchiapas.org/become-a-human-rights-observer/

One step away from arriving. Mexico and its migratory reality

“This is the hardest thing I have ever done,” says Maria about making the decision to emigrate, and she is grateful to God every day for taking care of her on her journey. Maria did not expect the territorial dimension that Mexico has and comments that it has undoubtedly been the most difficult country for her to cross. The complexity of the terrain, the susceptibility to violence, the distance and the hygiene and health care are the main characteristics that Maria mentions.

CNDH Holds SEGOB, SRE and INM Responsible for Fire at Migration Center in Ciudad Juárez

More than three months after the tragedy in which 40 people died, the CNDH determined that there were “serious violations of human rights, of dignified treatment, life and personal integrity and security” of the inmates. Furthermore, it indicated that the responsibility lies with three government bodies. Once again, it was the state.

If you would like to volunteer with migrants in Chiapas, please visit our website at https://schoolsforchiapas.org/become-a-human-rights-observer/

The Impotence of States

Apologists for the State apparatus often point to its achievements while downplaying the collateral damages of dispossession and violence. Raúl Zibechi gives a few examples to make the point that States (in the service of Capital) are incapable of wielding solutions or justice in the face of the crises of our times.

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