Biden, Trump, the Migration Crisis, Xenophobia and Border Security

In election year, US politicians seem oblivious to the misery and suffering that causes people to migrate and the knock-on effects that this has in Mexico, preferring instead to use the migration catastrophe as a ball in their electoral game to win votes. ‘’Obviously the debate is not about how to solve the problem, but how to use it in the electoral theater. The immigrants and their experiences are only secondary parts of the cast in this play.’’

A BriCO perspective: from the Migrant Refuge in Salto de Agua

Every morning we would walk for 10 minutes through the town of Salto de Agua to arrive at the Casa Betania migrant refuge center. Passing through a mix of confused stares and friendly greetings during our route, we would cross over the tracks of La Bestia, the same cargo train that thousands of migrants have used in their journey north.

Our sincere thanks to Lalo Morales for spending a month in the service people in movement and for taking the time to write this account. If you have the time and inclination, we highly encourage you to volunteer with Frayba in the BriCOs as a human rights observer.

Caravan of Seven Thousand Migrants

In the season when we commemorate the birth of a child to a displaced family, thousands of parents find themselves in the same plight today in their search for a better life. Schools for Chiapas is currently recruiting volunteers to work at a migrant center in Salto de Agua. Please visit our website for further information https://schoolsforchiapas.org/become-a-human-rights-observer/

States for Genocide

Raúl Zibechi discusses the logic of containment and/or annihilation of “surplus humanity” in the emergent new world order.

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