531 Years of Indigenous, Black and Popular Resistance

531 years after the arrival of Europeans to the island lands of this continent, which would happen to bear the name of America, the organizations of native peoples took to the streets to express their repudiation of the euphemisms of discovery, encounter of two worlds and acculturation to denote the violent process of conquest and colonization, which the National Indigenous Congress describes as the worst genocide in the history of mankind.


Racism, discrimination, xenophobia, patriarchy and elitism are forms of domination that intermingle with others in the capitalist system of exploitation and make it so that non-hegemonic ways of life are excluded, persecuted, and exterminated. Eradicating this contempt for the other, all others, and all that is different, is an urgent task to resolve.

Marichuy to Mother Seeds: Sowing Seeds for Life

From the mountains of southeast Mexico to the Europe(s) below and to the left, the Zapatistas intend not only to carry the seeds of their stories, but to return home with new ones. In the spirit of the brave EZLN delegation and the seeds that they sow, this is an account of the seeds being sown in Chiapas — seeds of biodiversity, seeds of knowledge, seeds of food sovereignty, and seeds of solidarity.

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