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Squadron 421, Welcome!

Thanks to Red Universitaria Anticapitalista, La Comuna, and Cotric for the beautiful documentation of the historic return of beloved Squadron 421.

The Tour as a Challenge to the Rebel Imaginary

by Raúl Zibechi Critical thinking and rebellious and revolutionary practices were contaminated by military logic, to the point of molding them into the spirit of war, which was accelerated with the revolutions of the 20th century. The concepts of tactics and strategy, of offensive and defensive, among others began to occupy a central place in […]

A Voyage for Life

As the planet’s richest look to technology to “Jump Ship,” the Zapatista Voyage for Life is a committment to stay. If, in the discovery of America, we find the beginnings of capitalism, this voyage, in the opposite sense of the one made more than 500 years ago, will help to connect the struggles for life, those that build worlds with peace, justice, dignity, freedom and democracy. In the old world the horizon is now in sight.