New Migrant Caravan Leaves Tapachula, Chiapas

Out of desperation with their conditions in Tapachula and long bureaucratic delays, a group of some 500 migrants are making their way to Huixtla to join the caravan of 5,000 other migrants who hope to make their way safely through Mexico to the US. “We decided to walk because we have no money, we have no choice, we no longer want to be here, there is no work, and the papers tell us one date and then they change us to another,” said Guatemalan Juana Pérez.

Israelis Seek Halt to War in Middle East from San Cristobal

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is affecting us all. Here in Chiapas, the EZLN released a communiqué outlining their position yesterday (see our blog). Meanwhile, a group of Israelis are organizing a daily vigil for peace and against escalation. ‘’Other countries that are supporting Israel should not send more soldiers because it would generate more innocent deaths.’’ Schools for Chiapas calls for an immediate cessation to all hostilities and for a negotiated, peaceful and just settlement to the conflict.

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