indigenous rights

“Stop Calling Us Poor”

“We are made to believe that those of us who do not want megaprojects, that we do not want progress, that we are people who are against development, that we are very selfish people who do not want the country to progress. It is a discourse that is used to discredit us, to make us look like backward people, who have no ambitions, who are satisfied and do not want to get out of poverty.”

Isthmus of Tehuantepec for Sale by the Mexican Government

While human rights organizations denounce the increase in aggressions against territorial defenders in the context of the construction of the Interoceanic Corridor in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in the last year and a half, in that same period there has been an intensification of activities and meetings promoted by Mexican authorities together with businessmen and political leaders from Europe, the United States and Asia, to promote what they consider the “benefits” of said corridor and its more than ten industrial parks.

Cease Fire Against Ostula

In Ostula, the Nahua defend their ancestral territory and autonomy against a marriage of extractivism, organized crime, and State impunity, a pattern of violence against indigenous peoples that recurs from Sonora to Michoacan, and on to Chiapas.

Raúl Romero shares some history.

CNI Communiqué: In the Midst of Electoral Farce, the Capitalist War against the Peoples

As violence ravages Mexico in the weeks before the elections, the CNI gives its view of the ‘’electoral farce.’’ ‘’ This June 2nd, a “democracy” is not in dispute, much less a leftist one. What is really in dispute is an economic and political power that seeks to sustain itself with militarization, with impunity, and with the accumulation of wealth in the hands of many at the service of large transnational corporations. Their plan is to sustain this “Fourth Transformation” with a CAPITALIST WAR against indigenous peoples and communities.’’

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