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Community defender David Hernandez in Oaxaca sentenced to 46 years and six months in prison

We turn our attention to a struggle taking place just north in Oaxaca, where defenders of territory resist expropriation of their territory, and contamination of the Earth by the Development Poles of the Interoceanic Corridor. This past Wednesday, David Hernández Salazar, in yet another case of collusion between State and transnational criminal organizations, was wrongfully accused and sentenced for standing in the way of “business as usual.”

Pathways of Solidarity at Sendas

Sendas Chiapas and Acción Palestina Chiapas hosted a night of hip hop in solidarity with Palestine on Wednesday, February 7th. There was a screening of ”Slingshot Hip Hop” from the Occupied Territories, and music and dance was provided by local collectives El Semillero 259 and Psicolexia Oficial.

Women Made the EZLN Possible

We know of the vital role of women in Zapatismo, as military commanders during the insurrection, as creators of the groundbreaking Revolutionary Law of Women, and as community leaders. In this piece, Rosaluz Pérez Espinosa, who for many years worked closely with women in Zapatista communities, examines how the participation of women, grounded by their experience in the daily life of caring for their communities, shaped of the concept and practice of autonomy in Zapatista territory.

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