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Chiapas: New Blood, Old Wars

Carlos Santos Cid provides an analysis of the current context in Chiapas which includes the increasing presence of organized crime, the process of remilitarization, and the links between these and megaprojects, such as the Mayan Train. He examines the historical background since the Zapatista uprising and the counterinsurgency low-scale war using paramilitaries. He pulls these threads together and gives some hope as to a way forward. ”We believe that the strongest option is from below: communities have the possibility through peaceful alternatives to shield themselves, understanding that this war for control is not only an armed one, it is also cultural. We must rebuild and strengthen the social fabric.”

The Socio Cultural Impacts of the Tren Maya

Gilberto López y Rivas
First of all, I would like to highlight the unconsulted nature of the Tren Maya mega-project among the affected populations, which include originary peoples protected by the Constitution and by international agreements, such as ILO Convention 169 and the 2007 UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples…

Indigenous peoples: Farewell to the so-called new relationship

At the time of the suspended dialogue between the federal government and the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) it was claimed that a new relationship would be built between the State and the indigenous peoples. The farewell ceremony began in September 1996, when EZLN declared the suspension of the dialogue due to a crisis in what was to be the second round table on democracy and justice. It has been 27 years since that event…

Mayan Train: Ecocide and Ethnocide

The project of the misnamed Mayan Train is advancing by bulldozing jungle, towns and communities, indigenous rights, cultural heritages and archaeological remains of incalculable value, in addition to having felled between 5 and 10 million trees (depending on who is counting) and having caused damage to cenotes, water springs, caves and much more.

In a segment titled, the Dream of Reason, Silvia Ribeiro elaborates on the ruling of the International Tribunal on the Rights of Nature on the so-called Mayan Train.

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