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Why We Oppose the Mayan Train

by Gilberto López y Rivas On April 19, a letter entitled “Why We Oppose the Mayan Train” was delivered to the President of Mexico, signed by more than 300 researchers from various disciplines, who describe themselves like this: “We are not pseudo-scientists, we are not conservatives, we are not adversaries. We are academics with field […]

The Struggles for Water

In the struggle for the defense of water, peoples and organizations confront transnationals, multinationals and also the Mexican State, which defends private interests over the common good. The water crisis is the most penetrating, acute and invisible facet of the ecological devastation of the Earth, writes Vandana Shiva in The Water Wars.

The Caravan for Water and the Environmentalism of the Peoples

As its name says, the caravan is not against this or that government, it is against capitalist dispossession and against the governments that sustain it. It is against the destruction that is disguised as progress. The environmentalism of the peoples, that which is built from below and to the left, invites us to change the questions — development for whom and at what cost?

On Victories and Defeats

By Raul Zibechi In the hegemonic political culture, the notions of triumph and failure, victory and defeat, usually allude to very concrete situations, generally linked to the final objectives of the actors at stake. The concept of victory is applied to the wide range that goes from electoral triumph to the seizure of power as […]