indigenous people

Indigenous Joy. Are Original Peoples Happy?

‘’Good Living has become much more than a slogan. It is an existential and political program that fuels struggles. The Colombian Minga, Mexican Zapatismo, the North American Pow Wow, carnivals, patron saint festivals and ancestral celebrations reformulated by Spanish Christianization show how changing and constant the festivals are. But Good Living essentially participates in the collective and community life of indigenous peoples.’’

Stop the war against the peoples of Mexico and the world!

The CNI, as “a bastion of anti-capitalist, anti-patriarchal, anti-racist struggle, from below and to the left, which, unyielding, does not tire, does not give up and keeps alive the flame of rebellion and struggle for life, of everything for everyone, nothing for us, and the hope for a better world”commemorates its 27th anniversary, the pueblos call upon “people of good heart” to take a stand in solidarity and action.

We intend to do just that.

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