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Ayotzinapa, the Time Tunnel

Luis Hernandez Navarro raises some red flags, about the ease with which the military continues to evade the Ayotzinapa case, despite the fact that it “not only did nothing to prevent it and falsified what happened, but also murdered and disappeared some of the 43 youths.”

Threats and Agression During Documentation Visit To Nuevo San Gregorio

We are concerned about the facts that foreshadow a territory violated by the desire for accumulation and hatred towards the Zapatista peoples who are building a dignified life based on autonomy. We urgently call for national and international solidarity to express our repudiation of the aggressions against the peoples in struggle and resistance, specifically those in Nuevo San Gregorio, in the face of the persistent stubbornness in continuing to infringe upon the Zapatista territories.

Visit to Caracol X and Nuevo San Gregorio

On September 10, Frayba Human Rights Center and Red Ajmaq, accompanied by Raúl Zibechi, visited the Caracol X Patria Nueva and the beseiged Zapatista community of Nuevo San Gregorio. This communique shares a glimpse of their experience