Human Rights

AMLO’s Government Has Militarized Mexico Most, Mexico United against Crime Inventory Shows

Despite election promises to the contrary six years, López Obrador has overseen the greatest process of militarization in Mexico in recent times. ‘’Regarding constitutional and legislative reform initiatives, in the last six legislatures, 87 initiatives aimed at militarization have been presented. The vast majority (77%) has presented itself in the two most recent legislatures, with a MORENA majority.’’

In America, 22 Million Displaced Persons

‘’The unprecedented situations have impacted Mexico, since it is considered among the five nations with the highest number of asylum requests, and in 2023 alone 273 thousand new requests for international asylum were received. ”

Chiapas Denialism

Given the official denialism regarding violence in Chiapas by the three levels of government, Diego Enrique Osorno in conversation with Carlos Ogaz (Frayba) touches on some ways out of the current quagmire.

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