A Portrait of Resistance, Determination and Love: a Zapatista health promoter

This portrait is one among many of courage, creativity and love that persevere in the autonomous Zapatista territories today. In the face of mounting paramilitary violence, militarization, violence against women and ecological devastation at the hands of megaprojects and global climate change, her resistance is in the name of life and dignity on the planet, of improving the quality of life for her children and/or those in her community, of seeing the perpetuity of clean water, air, and soils which will nurture diversity for generations to come.
We invite you to accompany us in this journey of daily resistance, struggle and determination…

This is how they protect against covid-19 in Zapatista territory

How do the Zapatistas protect their territory from the coronavirus? With a diffuse and extensive territory, the EZLN has bet on prevention and physical demobilization of inhabitants. Text: Orsetta Bellani Photos: Isabel Mateos OCOSINGO, CHIAPAS. Doctor Luis Enrique Fernández Máximo learned about the red alert of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) through the Internet. He left the Zapatista autonomous clinic of the community of Las Tazas, where he works, and bought a card that allows him to connect to the web even in the area of the Lacandón Jungle where there is no signal. Since he left Tlaxcala to …

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Solidarity in the Time of Coronavirus

“We have seen that modern countries, despite their health and safety infrastructure, in a matter of days become a deadly and heart-rending nightmare. If this happens in those places, with the budgets that they have, what will happen if this pandemic arrives in the towns and communities made up mostly of native peoples and mestizos living in miserable conditions?” Communique of Joint CIPOG-EZ, FNLP & OCSS of the CNI-CIG In a communiqué released on March 30th, member groups of the National Indigenous Congress – Indigenous Governing Council in Guerrero, Mexico, posed this question to the world. For months besieged by …

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