Rebel Health and Anti-Capitalist Movements

Friday marked what would have been the 98th birthday of Malcolm X. As part of the remembrance, Raúl Zibechi honors the significance of the Black Panther Party in service to their communities and in construction of autonomy.

“More than half a century ago the Black Panther party was probably one of the first organizations to launch an alternative health care system to that of the hegemonic system. The pamphlet “Medical Self-Defense. Black Panthers and Zapatistas,”* not only reveals the similarities between the two experiences in health care, but details the achievements of the U.S. Black movement.”

Portrait of a Zapatista Health Promoter Part II

Chronicles of AutonomyNo. 2 *In November, we began the story of Gabi a young Zapatista health promoter. Her journey continues here. …The morning mist rises slowly, caressing the broad crowns of the trees that shelter the joyous awakening of birds of this hot and humid region. In the truck, health promoters excitedly share their experiences in the communities they visited. Some laugh at the new gossip, while others talk about their vaccine management skills, still feeling a bit insecure. It is only now that the differences in experience and knowledge are visible. During the visit, Gabi could see how one …

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A Portrait of Resistance, Determination and Love: a Zapatista health promoter

This portrait is one among many of courage, creativity and love that persevere in the autonomous Zapatista territories today. In the face of mounting paramilitary violence, militarization, violence against women and ecological devastation at the hands of megaprojects and global climate change, her resistance is in the name of life and dignity on the planet, of improving the quality of life for her children and/or those in her community, of seeing the perpetuity of clean water, air, and soils which will nurture diversity for generations to come.
We invite you to accompany us in this journey of daily resistance, struggle and determination…

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