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500 Years, the Uses of History

by Luís Hernandez Navarro The Plaza de Colón, in Madrid, is the emblematic heart of the Spanish ultra-right and its fantasies of recovering its lost imperial grandeur. It is here that the sympathizers of Vox and the Partido Popular (Popular Party) hold their mobilizations. In what was a tremendous symbolic blow, the seven members of Squadron 421 of the EZLN and some 2,500 European insubordinates arrived there last August 13. On that day, Vox attested to its incurable colonialism in a tweet. On this day 500 years ago today, a troop of Spaniards led by Hernán Cortés and native allies …

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Racism, discrimination, xenophobia, patriarchy and elitism are forms of domination that intermingle with others in the capitalist system of exploitation and make it so that non-hegemonic ways of life are excluded, persecuted, and exterminated. Eradicating this contempt for the other, all others, and all that is different, is an urgent task to resolve.

Zapatista Community Denounces Dispossession and Harassment; Sees Hope in the Journey of Squadron 421

The community of Nuevo San Gregorio, in Zapatista Caracol 10, denounces the increasing harassment they are experiencing after being dispossessed of their lands. They focus on organizational work, and on the journey of Squadron 421 in Europe to fight off the attacks of the group “Los 40 invasores” (The 40 invaders) which since November 2020 has been depriving them of land, food, work, education…

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