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Cinema Night in Zapatista Territory To “Remake The World” and a Sailing Ship in The Atlantic

An account by Alejandro Santos Cid of the premiere screening of ‘La Montaña’ documentary about the transatlantic journey of the Zapatistas to Europe, as part of their Journey for Life. The screening was held at the El Sur Resiste International Encounter last weekend at the Jacinto Janek Caracol, San Cristóbal de Las Casas. The article gives interesting insights into the voyage itself, the history of the Zapatista movement and where it stands today.

Lützerath – the town where the future hangs in the balance

The struggle to halt the climate catastrophe demands coordinated global action. During their tour of Europe as part of their Journey for Life, the Zapatistas visited the town of Lützerath in Germany in a show of solidarity with the local residents who have been resisting the expansion of coal mining in their territory. The residents have once again recently come under attack but are determined to continue their resistance.

A Journey for Life – Ireland

The Zapatistas announced their plan to begin a Journey for Life across the globe in autumn 2020. Despite what seemed like insurmountable bureaucratic and logistical obstacles, the first episode of the plan came to fruition with a journey to Europe, Slumil K’axkemk’op, in 2021. As part of that journey, they visited Ireland in October of that year. In this article, Andrea Martinez gives her impressions of that visit. Andrea, a PhD graduate in philosophy and political activist, is a Mexican national living in Dublin where she works as a teacher and researcher.

CNI Call for Global Action against Militarization and War

Against a backdrop of wars across the globe, increased militarization of Mexico and Chiapas, insecurity and a growing number of attacks on indigenous communities in resistance and activists, the National Indigenous calls for global action on October 12th against militarization and patriarchal war.

Journey for Life, “Pathways” to New Encounters

This week sees the opening of a new cultural center in San Cristobal de Las Casas, “Sendas” (pathways). This joint venture of Schools for Chiapas and Imaginarte seeks to offer a space to share information about the cultures and histories of indigenous peoples in resistance in Chiapas to promote a center for learning, exchange and arts.

As part of the inaugural process, Uruguayan author Raul Zibechi will present his latest publication “Mundos otros y pueblos en movimiento” (Other Worlds and Peoples in Movement) in Sendas on Sunday, September 11th.

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