Geopolitical Reason Versus the People

On this point there is no way to make a mistake: one thinks from and with the oppressed peoples or one embraces the logic of power and the damned balance of forces. Something dreadful is happening before us: all facets of life are being approached as if it were a soccer match. It hurts those of us who enjoy that sport. But it hurts even more for those of us who still believe that it is worth playing for the human beings of this world, regardless of where they live.

Bringing (some) Order to Systemic Chaos

Systemic chaos is so deep, and the monopolistic media that misinforms so naturalized, that it is difficult to get a clear picture of where we are, which is an inescapable step in trying to decipher where we are going. Even knowing that the attempt may fall short or go terribly wrong, here are some ideas about what we are going through.

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